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3 Day Detox

R 650.00 each

Basic Information

5 Meals/Day
Follow for 3 Consecutive Days

Pack out of Box. Keep Frozen Until Day of Start

What's in the Box

2 x 500 ml Spinach and Orange Smoothies
2 x 500 ml Beetroot and Cranberry Smoothies
2 x Carrot and Ginger Smoothies
6 x Spinach Quiches
2 x Cabbage Soup
2 x Broccoli Soup
2 x Spinach Soup

What to Eat When

Eat each meal every 2 to 4 hours with 750ml Water between each meal

07:00MEAL 1: Detox Smoothie

10:00MEAL 2: Detox Soup

13:00MEAL 3: 2 x Spinach Quiches

16:00MEAL 4: Detox Smoothie

19:00MEAL 5: Detox Soup