To receive a personalised quote on your personals stats there are 2 options:

  1. Enter your stats on the website to download your package OR send me an email on
  2. Book a Consultation with me. I do a Physical Assessment in which I measure your Body Fat, weight, circumferences, BMI, lean muscle mass and fat Mass to personalise your Eating Plan.

Cost for a Consultation is R 300 which included one follow up after 2 weeks to monitor progress. Or you can pay R750 which signs you up for a 12-week Program to visit me every 2nd week for a weigh-in/measuring session and to discuss your plan and eliminate any difficulties on your plan.

To do an Online Physical Assessment for a Personalised Eating plan and to track Progress and make changes to your eating plan with Sune complete the following Questionnaire

    First and Surname


    Cell Number

    With a Measuring Tape take your circumferences as Illustrated:

    Around Arm

    Around Neck

    Around Wrist

    Around Ankle

    Around Calf

    Upper Leg

    Around Hips

    Around Waist

    Around Chest

    Around Shoulders

    Shoulder Width





    Are you currently doing any exercise ?

    Do you have any Cronic Conditions ?

    Are you taking any Supplements ?

    Please Take pictures in swimwear standing with hands on your Hips from the front, side and back and submit it with your completed form to or WhatsApp it to 0726068903.

    Please Make a payment of R150 into the Following Bank account for Sune to Design your Personalised Eating plan and Follow Up on your measurements after 3 weeks:
    S. Olivier
    Cheque Account
    Account Number: 1141298910
    Branch: Key West

    One on One Consultations

    WhatsApp Sune on 0726068903 to book your slot for a One-on-One Consultation.
    Cost: R450.
    Bring: Exercise Clothes/ Swimwear for Physical Assessment.
    Duration: 45min.
    What to expect: Sune will gather info via various questions asked. Then a Physical Assessment will be performed with a Caliper and Measuring tape. Results and Goals and Time frames to reach goals will be given. Before Pictures will be taken to See improvements after 8-12 weeks (see the GymFood Results Page on FB – Included is a 20min Follow Up Physical Assessment after 3 weeks to see progress and make changes to the eating plan. After your Booking has been made please make your Payment to secure your Booking.

    S. Olivier
    Cheque Account
    Account Number: 1141298910
    Branch: Key West